Stichting nederlanders Overzee 'Hulp voor Nederlanders buiten Europa" 

Expat insurance

“Stichting Nederlanders Overzee” is not a broker or intermediary but plays a role as being an independent advisory party with the insurance and insurance company below. “Stichting Nederlanders Overzee” is not responsible for the agreement between the prospective policyholder and the insurer. “Stichting Nederlanders Overzee” is a non-committal adviser and the prospective policyholder as well as the insurer indemnify “Stichting Nederlanders Overzee” from all consequences that may result from a possible agreement. 

“Stichting Nederlanders Overzee” = (Foundation Dutch Oversea)

For those who are uninsured

The Expat insurance especially for those who are uninsured. 

No age limit or inspection. 450, - euro per year for 1 person and 1180, - euro per year for a family! This concerns a trip, repatriation and accident insurance with a health insurance cover up to € 12,500 per case. If you are already insured for health care costs in the country of origin, you can receive an additional cover of up to 1 million euros for 50 euros.

Coverage area is the whole world with exclusion of country of origin.

Valid for (old) residents of the following countries: Andorra, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands , Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Vatican City, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.


          Expat insurance 

Transport, repatriation in case of illness or accident Medical costs up to € 12,500

Organization and repayment of repatriation upon death to the place of burial in a country inside or outside the European Union.

Repatriation of the other insured.

Repatriation of an insured person traveling alone.

Childcare <16 years.

Return to the country of residence.

Payment of the transport of a family member by train / plane on stay of the insured person> 7 days in nursing home. 

Early return to the country of origin in case of death or hospitalization> 10 days of a family member in a country of the European Union.

          travel assistance 

Delivery of indispensable medications that can not be found on the spot.

Passing on urgent messages.

          Legal assistance

Advance payment for attorneys' fees abroad max. € 1,250

Advance payment for deposit abroad max. € 12,500